Coach Kanani is a multiple-sport, world-class athlete who brought his skills to Jacksonville in 2007. He played professional basketball for 14 years beginning in Africa and then in various countries including the USA. He also played Table Tennis in the Olympics and International Soccer as a youth. His coaching involvement in the Las Vegas Summer Basketball League has enabled him to develop relationships with many NBA coaches and former NBA players.

Since arriving in Jacksonville, he has been active in youth Basketball, Volleyball, and Soccer. He has past experience serving as Sports Coordinator at the YMCA in Arlington, he developed the “Little Hoopers” (ages 3 to 12) and young adult Basketball programs along with several specialized clinics, camps, and league play programs.

For young adults (ages 13 to 20), he has created programs designed to raise their level of play to elite status. He is actively involved with AAU Basketball and Volleyball programs at the state and national levels and has strong relationships with many Florida high school and college coaches.

Coach Kanani is dedicated to the development of athletes of all ages as players, scholars, and individuals. His understanding of sports has allowed him to create a training system that teaches skills, knowledge of the game, and teamwork while working hard and having fun.

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